D. Santaniello

"I moved into a 4,600 square foot house in 2006. This was the biggest place I'd ever lived in. It's pretty nice, catherdral foyer and family room, lots of room for a growing family. After my first year of level billing with natural gas, I decided to lower my thermostat 2 degrees to get the bill down down in the coming year. And I did, I used 20% less therms (3,500 to 3,000) but when I got my next level billing amount, it went up 30%. How could my bill go up when my usage went down ? (this represented a 50% swing). I had been researching alternatve energies and I decided to get two GeoThermal units. Not only has my electricity usage gone down in the summer months by 30%, my natural gas bill went from $385 per month to $8...that's right, $8. I only use gas for the clothes dryer and cooking. Geo hot water is supplemented by a brand new electric water heater. Not only do I sing the praises of Geo energy to anyone I know but my Waterfurnace system works great. And now, instead of dreading the gas bill every month, I look forward to it to see how low can I go (and my electric bill too). And I get a little laugh every time...."